Speeches Due Week 5

Year 3 and 4 Speeches 2013

Homework Assignment
Speech Due:  Presented in Week 5

You have 3 Weeks to write, plan and learn your speech!!


Your task is to prepare a persuasive speech on a topic of your own choice.
Year 3 speeches need to be 1minute and 30 seconds  and Year 4 speeches need to be 2 minutes.

Please make sure that you work on this every night, do not leave it until the last moment. Follow the help sheets carefully as well as the lessons that will be given in class. 

To help with your planning, you will be assessed on the following points:

Year 3 and 4 Speech Rubric 


0 - 4
5 - 7
8 - 10
I have chosen an interesting topic
The message that I gave was clear and meaningful
I have some evidence or ideas to support my argument
I know what I am talking about and have done some research

My first sentence was powerful
I have organised my speech well into a introduction, middle and conclusion
My conclusion was easy to understand and it finished my speech strongly

I have created cue cards and I can look up from my cue cards to talk to the audience
I can say my speech at a steady pace
I can say my speech clearly
I have used a good level of volume so people sitting at the back can hear me
I am relaxed and confident
I can use my voice/body language to make my speech more powerful

I can stand up straight and tall when I am talking
I can stand without fidgeting while I am talking

I can stand up straight and tall when I am talking
I can stand without fidgeting while I am talking

Audience appeal/overall effectiveness
My Audience was interested and engaged
In general my speech was good

Making a speech is nothing to fear.  With preparation and practise you can improve your skills and increase your confidence.

Speeches- Help Sheet 1


Choosing a topic

Think about
  • What is my purpose? I am trying to persuade people!
  • Who is my audience?


Ask your self
  • What do I care about?
  • What makes me angry?
  • What makes my happy?
  • What would I like to change?
  • What are my interests outside school?
  • What is important to me?
  • What will the future bring?

Example of possible topics -
·            Cats are the best pets
·            Children should get pocket money
·            ________ is the best sport
·            Start Recycling


Speeches – Help Sheet 2

Here is a checklist. Cross off each step as you complete them.

1. Decide on a topic
  • Brainstorm everything you know about your topic

2. Ready to write                                                                                
  • Begin researching your topic
  • Select the most interesting material
  • Plan your notes, put them in some sort of order

3. Now rip into writing                                                                         

  • Write a strond introduction and a powerful conclusion
  • Develop the main ideas logically
  • Include examples

4. Put your speech on cue cards – remember you will be delivering your speech without reading from the cards directly.                                              
  • Cut cards to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Copy out the first sentence in full
  • Highlight all the key words and phrases
  • Number the cards

5. Work on your presentation skills                                                      
  • Learn your speech off by heart
  • Practise in front of the mirror
  • Practise in front of an audience
  • Check to make sure that you are using eye-contact
  • Time yourself to make sure that your speech is the correct time

Remember that you will be presenting your speech to the class in Week 5

Tip:  I have been marking speeches for a long time and I have noted the major loss of points is because students don’t time their speeches carefully.  Make sure that your speech is slightly longer than the time specified because you will probably speak faster when you are nervou

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