Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Autumn is coming poems

'Autumn Is Coming' ~ By Jayden 

Autumn is coming,
 all of the colowfull light leaves are falling
 from the chocolate coloured trees .                

Autumn is coming,
 I can hear swishing 
leaves falling.
I can hear the whistle of the breeze.

Autumn is coming,
I can taste coldair blowing in my mouth
I can taste wet dew

Autumn is coming,
I can see foliage on the ground. 
I can see brown, red, gold, yellow. 
I can see heaps of wet dew.

'Autumn Is Coming' ~ By Mason

Autumn  Is  Coming
Cool  gentle  breezes  from  the  east  the
leaves  start  to  shake  and  fall.

Autumn  Is  Coming
Autumn  olny  stays  March  through May

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