Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cross Country 2013

Last Friday was the Reremoana School corss country day. Congratulations to everyone who participated and tried their very best. Congratulations to Ben who came 3rd out of the yr 4 boys, Riley who came 2nd and Kendyl who came 1st out of the yr 3 girls.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Autumn is coming poems

'Autumn Is Coming' ~ By Jayden 

Autumn is coming,
 all of the colowfull light leaves are falling
 from the chocolate coloured trees .                

Autumn is coming,
 I can hear swishing 
leaves falling.
I can hear the whistle of the breeze.

Autumn is coming,
I can taste coldair blowing in my mouth
I can taste wet dew

Autumn is coming,
I can see foliage on the ground. 
I can see brown, red, gold, yellow. 
I can see heaps of wet dew.

'Autumn Is Coming' ~ By Mason

Autumn  Is  Coming
Cool  gentle  breezes  from  the  east  the
leaves  start  to  shake  and  fall.

Autumn  Is  Coming
Autumn  olny  stays  March  through May

Descriptive writing

Purpose: To describe our Superhero

My superhero's name is called Dragon Transform. He has got a button to transform into heros like spider man,Ben 10 and other heros like thoose.  He has got short yellow hair and he is eletrical. He is full of air and he is so fat, he can push people away with his bellie button. He is colorful. His enemy is Evil Cyclops and Evil cyclop's mates. He can turn invisible and can turn into a ghost. He wears a blue green and red stripped cape.

By Richard

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Boring Sentence Activity

For writing we are given a boring sentence and we have to make make the boring sentence into an intereating descriptive piece of writing.

'I was walking along a path'

I am walking along a old cracked path.Beside me I can see beautiful flowers blooming on the chocolate                          coloured branches.The smell of bushes and trees circle me like im trapped in a tiny box.I can hear the  sound of noisey bird tweeting to his very quite friend.I can taste saur flavours in the air.           


Kia Kaha with Constable Glenis

Today Constable Glenis came to tallk to our class about Bullying. We learnt about what bullying is and what we should do if we are ever in a situation where we are getting bullied.

What is Bullying?

  • It is deliberate, hurtful behaviour (on purpose).
  • It is often repeated over a period of time.
  • It is often difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves.
  • It is difficult for those who bully to learn new social behaviours.
  •  The bully has, and exercises, power over the victim.

We learnt about keeping our W.I.T.S if we experience bullying.
W- walk away
I- Ignore
T- Tell someone (adult)
S- Stand up for yourself