Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kia Kaha

Dear Parents and Caregivers
Throughout the next few weeks your child will be taking part in the programme Kia Kaha.
This is a programme developed by the New Zealand Police Youth Education Service which isdesigned to help create safe positive classrooms in which bullying cannot flourish. 
It will be taught by your child’s teacher, with help from the local Police Education Officer.
To be successful, Kia Kaha needs your help and support. Parents are welcome to come to
school and help with classroom activities. Information will be sent home about this. Your child will also bring home some homework tasks for you to help with. These are a valuable part of your child’s learning.
It is important that you participate as much as possible, so that you can reinforce the messages children are getting and help your child to use his or her new skills with confidence.

The first module that will be taught this week is 'Being Special'

Learning Outcomes
1 Students can describe how people are the same.
2 Students can describe ways that people are different.
3 Students appreciate similarities and differences.

As part of the homework this week your child will need to make their personalised shield. 

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