Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gala Activities

It's the day before our school gala and all the students have been busy making a range of creative crafts to show family and friend on gala day.

Yr 3 students made aqua jars with the Pukeko Team and Yr 4 students made cardboard creatures with the Tui team.

 Jordan and Rittivong 

 Jodie and Ashlee

 Ashley and Samantha

 Alexandra putting together her farm






 "My cardboard  creature is a spotty colourul cat it is made out of little bits of cardboard it also lives in a spotty bush"- Leah

" My cardboard creature  is a farmyard. there is a cat and a pig on the farm. I made them out of toilet rolls"- Alex

"My cardbord creature is a lobster that lives in the sea.I made my lobster out of egg carton and pipe clleaners. I used the egg carton for the body and pipe clleaners for the legs."

"My cardboard creature is a dog. I used a egg cartan for the head a medium cardboard box for the body. I also yoused a pipe cleaner for the tail and a pomp pomp for the necklace."

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