Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Special Grandma Writing

Her short curly hair bounced in the wind. Big purply legs showed her age so did her regaly purply neck. She had brown lovely esqueite eyes. She wore black clothes.

She is always is happy except when me and Hannah fight.

She likes to bake with me and Hannah all the time. She also likes jumping in the spa.

She makes me laugh ever time I visit her. I love her with all my heart.

By Chloe

Monday, 18 March 2013

Monday Morning Writing

Today for writing we looked at the cameo 'Monday Morning'  and talked about the descriptive parts of the text. We all had a go at writing our own piece of writing about 'Monday Morning', remembering to write it like the cameo. Tomorrow we will deconstruct the cameo further and discuss how we can make this more descriptive. We will then try to do this to our pieces of writing for 'Monday Morning'. 

Monday Morning (cameo)

Mum woke me up really early and I didn't want to get up.
It was foggy.
It was quiet except for dad.
He was making a noise in the kitchen.
After I said goodbye, we walked to the bus shelter.
When we got there, the fog was going away.
The bus came. 

Here are a few examples from Room 3     

Monday Morning - By Alexandra Hassall

My niece woke me up with pillow.
I  could hear  the coffee mochine  boiling as the steam puffs out.  
I brush my teeth, my niece is brushing her teeth too.
I'm going to school.
The big clouds look like they were going to burst.

Monday Morning - By Mason

My alarm clock woke me up.
It was cloudy this morning.
I hear my brother screaming and my mum making breakfast.
I get my drink bottle, lunch box and I drive to school.
It was cloudy.
I'm walking into school and going to my class.

Monday Morning - By Emma

My sister woke me up really early this morning but I didn't want to get up.
It was very dark and rainy.
It was very quiet except for the kettle.
It was boiling hot water for mum and dads drinks'.
After I said goodbye, I made my lunch.
Then I packed my bag and walked to the garage.
We drove the car to school.
When I got to school it was still very cloudy.

Monday Morning - By Riley

My mum tapped me to wake me up.
The weather was very cloudy.
When I woke I heard my cat scratching ont he cat door because she wanted to go outside.
I got dressed in my school uniform and packed my bag.
My mum drove me to school.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kia Kaha

Dear Parents and Caregivers
Throughout the next few weeks your child will be taking part in the programme Kia Kaha.
This is a programme developed by the New Zealand Police Youth Education Service which isdesigned to help create safe positive classrooms in which bullying cannot flourish. 
It will be taught by your child’s teacher, with help from the local Police Education Officer.
To be successful, Kia Kaha needs your help and support. Parents are welcome to come to
school and help with classroom activities. Information will be sent home about this. Your child will also bring home some homework tasks for you to help with. These are a valuable part of your child’s learning.
It is important that you participate as much as possible, so that you can reinforce the messages children are getting and help your child to use his or her new skills with confidence.

The first module that will be taught this week is 'Being Special'

Learning Outcomes
1 Students can describe how people are the same.
2 Students can describe ways that people are different.
3 Students appreciate similarities and differences.

As part of the homework this week your child will need to make their personalised shield. 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gala Activities

It's the day before our school gala and all the students have been busy making a range of creative crafts to show family and friend on gala day.

Yr 3 students made aqua jars with the Pukeko Team and Yr 4 students made cardboard creatures with the Tui team.

 Jordan and Rittivong 

 Jodie and Ashlee

 Ashley and Samantha

 Alexandra putting together her farm






 "My cardboard  creature is a spotty colourul cat it is made out of little bits of cardboard it also lives in a spotty bush"- Leah

" My cardboard creature  is a farmyard. there is a cat and a pig on the farm. I made them out of toilet rolls"- Alex

"My cardbord creature is a lobster that lives in the sea.I made my lobster out of egg carton and pipe clleaners. I used the egg carton for the body and pipe clleaners for the legs."

"My cardboard creature is a dog. I used a egg cartan for the head a medium cardboard box for the body. I also yoused a pipe cleaner for the tail and a pomp pomp for the necklace."

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Beginning our Pablo Picasso art

Room 3 have been studying the artist Pablo Picasso. We are now at the stage where each student are practising drawing their own portrait using Picasso's style. 

In  room 3,we  have  been  drawing  Picasso portraits, they have  two  faces  in  one  head, a side view and a front view!

~By Ronan

Visual Arts for Term 1

In Room 3 we have been learning about how to draw a self portrait. We  have been practising how to draw our portrait to scale (this has been a little tricky).

We have been learning how to do portraits. We needed to make a line down the middle of our page and another line across the middle of our page so it will be into quarters. Then we needed to divide the bottom half into half with another line And last one more line to half the bottom for our mouths . Next we made our face by drawing in  eyes, a nose, a mouth and eyebrows.

~By Richard