Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Room 3's Class Treaty

After reading the story 'The tree hut treaty',  Room 3 brainstormed guidelines for our classroom. We came up with lots of ideas about what we should and shouldn't do in the class so we grouped our ideas together to make six main guidelines for us to follow. We called these guidelines 'Room 3's Class Treaty' and we signed it with our fingerprints (to make a fingerprint tree). 

Alex and Britney


  1. What a happy class Room 3 will be by following those treaty guidelines!
    Ms F

  2. I loved it when two members of Room 3 shared your class treaty with me. It looks great and there are some great ideas there for making sure it is a fantastic year in Room 3.

  3. Well done on collaborating together Room 3 to create a great set of rules which will help you to all be happy in your classrooms and learn LOTS more!

    Mrs Notley